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Shaker Table

The Shaker Table defines beauty and simplicity. This classic design will help you hone your skills in numerous areas. In this series, I’ll show two versions of the table build: one primarily focused on power tools and a second primarily focused on alternative and hand tool methods.

Instructor: Marc Spagnuolo

The project includes:

  • 9 step by step lessons
  • 293 minutes of video instruction


This is a great project for beginners or those looking to build their first piece of furniture. The instruction was great and I really enjoyed building my shaker table. Thanks Marc! n8oleary 5/5

What You’ll Receive:

  • Detailed cut list and plans including a Cut List and a SketchUp file.
  • Hours of detailed video instruction showing every step of the build, from wood selection to finishing.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Tapered Legs (by tapering jig and using hand planes)
  • Mortise & tenon joints
  • Hand-cut half-blind dovetails
  • Drawer construction and fitting
  • Dados and grooves with hand tools and power tools
  • Drawer guide construction and installation
  • Creating beveled edges with hand tools and power tools
  • Finishing with an oil/varnish blend
  • Avoiding blotching in cherry

 What You’ll Need:

  • Jointer, Planer, Tablesaw, Bandsaw
  • Miter Saw, Drill, Router, Router Table

9 Lessons Included


Shaker Table Project Summary

The Shaker Table Journey starts here!


The Legs

The Shaker story and the construction of the tapered legs.



Tapering Jig

A quick and easy tapering jig that rides in the miter slot of your tablesaw.



The Aprons

Two ways to make and fine-tune the fit of the apron tenons and a dry fit.




Recorded live, this video covers the assembly of the legs and aprons.



The Drawer

Drawers, drawer guides, multiple forms of joinery, numerous tools, and a bunch of techniques required to get that perfect-fitting drawer.



Drawer Q&A (Live)

Live Shaker Table Q&A.



The Top & Loose Ends

Finalizing the top by creating the bevel and installation of our drawer guides.



The Finish

In this final part of the series, I cover the topic of finishing my Shaker End Tables.


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