Learn how to build
beautiful furniture

The Wood Whisperer Guild is an online project based wood working school. Learn at your own pace from experienced educators and woodworkers with the support of thousands of like minded people.

Everything you need to succeed

We know that it takes more than just great plans to build a great project, so we’ve packed each guild project with extra detail to help you grow as a woodworker and make projects you’re proud of.

  • Step-by-Step HD Video Lessons

    So that you can take your time, build at your own pace, and nail down all of those details.
  • 3D Project Models and Plans

    To help you visualize your project and its joinery from every angle.
  • Community Support

    Because it's easier to grow in a community than in a vacuume. Share, grow, and build together.
  • Member Benefits

    To round out your education, keep you involved, and save you money.

A community waiting for you

We've all wanted to share our passion for woodworking and expand our horizons. It's a safe place to talk shop with a great group of people.

  • Community Discussion

    Two heads are better than one. Join lesson discussions and learn more about woodworking.
  • Live Events

    Interact live with instructors, discuss current guild builds, and get help with your current projects.
  • Facebook Group

    Join a private community where you can share your projects and chat easily with fellow Guild members.
  • Inclusive Community

    The guild celebrates diversity and we're very proud to have members from all walks of life.

7 great instructors to help you hone your skills

Variety is the spice of life! Each instructor in the guild takes a unique approach to their projects. We like to highlight their strengths to give you diversity and a well rounded skillset.

Did You know?

There's a lot to take in at The Wood Whisperer Guild.

  • 484 Project lessons
  • 89 Hours of instruction
  • 7000+ Woodworkers with two or more projects
  • 4.98/5 Average project rating across 165 reviews