TWW is proud to support our US Military Personnel!  Provide us with a scan or photograph of an acceptable form of proof of service to receive a 10% discount on your purchase of digital project videos (physical items are excluded). Submit documentation here.

Acceptable Documentation:

  • A copy of your current enlistment contract or oath of office
  • A statement of service signed by your unit personnel office
  • A copy of your current orders
  • A copy of your LES
  • A copy of a Driver’s License indicating Veteran Status
  • DD-214 stating separation under any condition other than dishonorable

All information collected is strictly controlled and is never shared outside the context of this particular verification request. Please insure all documents have been redacted prior to submission. Once verified, you will receive an email providing you with the discount code.

Disclaimer: You are submitting a request to receive a discount reserved specially for the men and women in our United States Military. To ensure only those people who meet the required conditions are able to obtain this discount we ask for proof of service. Without something to verify your credentials, we cannot provide the discount. We strongly suggest any documentation sent to us have sensitive information blacked out. We are not “required” to provide military discounts, it is our choice to offer discounts to our US military.  As such, this discount program is subject to our discretion and may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice. Discount codes are not transferable and are for the sole use of the individual named on the proof documentation. Any fraudulent use of discount codes will result in immediate cancellation of TWW Guild Membership.