Here’s a look at the upcoming projects for 2014. If you don’t currently have an active subscription, consider renewing now to make sure you get all three of this year’s projects!

Sculpted Contemplation Bench – January 2014

zebrawood_contemplation_benchThis sitting bench’s graceful curves are carved using a combination of power tools and hand tools. We’ll look at various carving implements available to woodworkers as well as alternative options that could make the job easier. I originally designed this bench back in 2005 so we’ll take some time to consider the overall look and how it might be improved upon. A project like this will not only hone your woodworking skills, but also your eye for design.

Morris Chair – May 2014

morris-chairThe Morris Chair is a classic woodworking project with a rich history dating back to 1866. The chair features a cushioned seat with a reclining back. The version of the chair we’re building is a play on the Mission style version popularized by Gustav Stickley in 1904. Pictured left is an example of a Morris chair, but not the exact chair we’re building.

September 2014

krenov-buhlJames Krenov (1920 – 2009) is a renknowned furniture-maker who influenced countless modern woodworkers. Krenov is perhaps best known for his amazing cabinets, typically held aloft by a set of beautiful long sweeping legs. Our friend Tom Buhl built his own version of a Krenov cabinet, pictured left, and we’ll make our own version using Tom’s plan as a starting point.

Keep in mind that if you aren’t interested in all three projects, you can simply pick and choose your projects throughout the year via our A La Carte system. But if you are interested in all three projects, the yearly subscription is definitely the best deal. Assuming we price all three projects at $65, that’s a total cost of $195 vs the Standard Subscription price of $129.