Hey folks. Just wanted to touch base concerning the upcoming Gaming Dining Table project which begins on Sept. 18th. As usual, we’ll have a video every Friday until the project is complete. I usually like to start my projects on the first Friday of the month but because of our Woodworkers Fighting Cancer event, I am forced to push it back a little.

gaming-table-earlyI know many of you are anxious to get your hands on the plans and I’ll make them available as soon as I possibly can. To the left you’ll see a sneak peak. I don’t have a cut list or materials estimate yet but the legs are made from 8/4 stock, the aprons and trim are from 4/4 stock, and the top and recessed surfaces are made from plywood. The table has some fairly complicated challenges with regard to the use of soft playing surface materials and we’re trying to resolve those before we present the final version of the plans. In fact, one of our solutions is to go with a single-piece top instead of the segmented style you see in the picture. Ultimately, you’ll have several options and we’ll try to make those options clear in the plans and the video, though I can only build one version of the table myself. So this is one of those projects where your personal tastes and desires make take you down a slightly different path than the one I’m on, and that’s ALL GOOD! In fact, that’s something I encourage.

So enjoy the rest of your Summer and I’ll see you again in September!