**UPDATE** Thanks for your helpful feedback. We made a few changes that we hope will accommodate the needs/preferences of most Guild members.Β Β You can see an explanation and summary of the changes here.

We are always looking for ways to improve the Guild and one of my big goals was to bring in other instructors. We brought Matt Cremona in as something of an experiment with his Sofa Table project and it was well-received. As a result, I’d like to bring Matt in on more projects in the future and with his help, we can bring substantially more projects into the Guild on a yearly basis. But HOW we do this brings some challenges. So I’m going to offer two options for you to choose from. Your opinions matter greatly to us and we’ll let the majority vote help decide the path we take. If we move to a six project a year formant, we’ll have two choices:

OptionΒ #1 (Mixed Instructors): We will offer two Early Bird Bundles. One will be the same as it is now, offering three upcoming projects. The second will be a larger bundle containing six future projects that cover you for the entire year. The projects will alternate between me and Matt so each bundle will contain projects from both instructors. This option assumes most people are OK getting content from both instructors.

Option #2 (Separate Instructor Bundles): We will offer three Early Bird Bundles. One 3-project bundle containing Marc’s projects for the year. One 3-project bundle containing Matt’s projects for the year. And a third bundle containing all 6Β projects from both instructors. This option assumes some people would prefer to follow only one instructor and don’t necessarily want to be forced to buy the second instructor’s content in order to get the Early Bird discount, while still leaving the option for folks to get all six projects at a big discount if they prefer.

I’m not all that concerned with hammering out specific pricing at this point and all I really want to know is do you prefer to have the bundles separated by instructor or mixed up. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions below.