blanket-chestOn July 19th we’ll be starting the next Guild Build: The Greene & Greene Blanket Chest. Subscribing members will get this project for free. A La Carte members can either purchase the project directly or upgrade to a 1-year subscription to gain access.

The project will feature numerous Greene & Greene techniques including finger joints, ebony plugs, arched handles, and breadboard ends. If you’re not a fan of the Greene & Greene style, you can simply leave the Greene & Greene details out and you’ll still have a beautiful and serviceable blanket chest. And for those of you who might be all-together tired of Greene & Greene, don’t worry. This is the last G&G project we’ll be doing for a while.

Historical Relevance

Charles and Henry Greene designed a series of “ultimate bungalows” in the early 1900’s and filled the houses with masterfully-designed furniture. Each house has it’s own special features and furniture. The Thorsen House in Berkeley, Ca. was built in 1909 and is currently owned by the Sigma Phi fraternity. Much of the original furniture is either missing or in private collections. One piece that has yet to be reproduced is the blanket chest.

G&G expert and furniture-maker Darrell Peart, helped us design this chest with modern sensibilities in mind. So build yourself a piece of history by making a modern interpretation of the Thorsen House Blanket Chest.

Purchase access today! If you’re a subscriber, you can head directly to the Greene & Greene Blanket Chest hub.