Chest of Drawers Reviews

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  1. Chris (verified owner)

    Marc does a fabulous job with this build. With his easy listen technique, he shows you each step. Each video lesson is first class.

  2. Alex Leffelman (verified owner)

    This was the first Guild project I purchased, and boy did it not disappoint. The instruction is amazing, there’s a wealth of techniques covered, and the design is beautiful. While I haven’t built this full chest of drawers as designed here, I’ve adapted the design and techniques into a bookcase and a lateral file cabinet in the same aesthetic, and they turned out beautifully. Could not recommend this more.

  3. Anthony (verified owner)

    This is Renée’s Dresser, made for my wife to reside in our newly renovated NC mountain home. I used Marc’s basic web frame design, incorporated Mission style elements, breadboard ends on the top and expanded the dresser to 12 drawers using SketchUp. The project presentation was thorough and fun and I went back to it many times over in the 200+ hours of the build. All of those drawer element x12 were especially time consuming. The drawer boxes are made from re-puposed pine shutters from the pre-renovation house. I especially enjoyed the precision joinery and the emphasis on hand tools to fine tune the myriad of parts that had to fit together. Thanks, Marc. You are a gifted teacher.

  4. Ian (verified owner)

    Thanks to Marc and his build, designs, and tutorials, we were able to build the highest quality piece to date. We love how flexible the design is and how easy it is to follow on.

    Because of the detailed plans and steps we were able to effectively budget time, and design changes with relative ease. Can’t wait to make more of them!

  5. crsowa (verified owner)

    Great videos, project design and instruction here. I love the way that Marc gives a few options to accomplish certain tasks, as everyone doesn’t have all of the big tools at their disposal. The instructions and sketch up plans are thorough and easy to understand, not to mention a great design. These videos not only give you a plan for a project, but teach you many techniques that can be used in other projects, like drawer construction and web frame construction. Well done!

  6. brandonandmindy (verified owner)

    This was a great project for a beginning woodworker like me. The level of instruction in the video series was great, it provided me with the information that I needed to make a fine piece of furnature that will last for a lifetime.

  7. tombuhl (verified owner)

    I enjoyed following this project as Marc showed the step-by-step build as well as discussed and illustrated possible variations. The quality of the instruction and demonstrated are extremely high. I appreciate the general woodworking knowledge shared even if I do not plan to build a specific piece he is working on.
    In the case of the chest of drawers build I was just watching for entertainment and its universal lessons large and small. A few years later as I was ready to build a chest of drawers I returned and watch the entire series. My design incorporated many of Marc’s approaches and also many alternate techniques and design attributes.
    Whether you are seeking specific guidance or merely wishing to build on your general skills and awareness I highly recommend these Guild projects as great value.