Circle Routing Templates

A set of 10 circle templates made from only the finest imported 1/4″ MDF. MDF stands for medium density fiberboard but I think it should stand for “Man, Dis Fantastic!” The set includes 10-pieces with outer diameters ranging from 3-12″. Inner diameters are from 1.5″ to 10.5″. Great for routing and drawing.

Please note: The CNC process often results in tiny chatter marks along the edge of some of the circles. A light sanding with a sanding block is recommended to smooth it out.


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Please note that the rings are 3/4″ wide. If you plan to use them as routing templates, I recommend using a router table if possible. If using a hand-held router, be sure your router is safely balanced during the cut.

Due to the size, time in transit, and the potential for damage we cannot guarantee any orders shipped outside of the US. No refund for international packages received damaged.