Need a little more support than what email can provide? Schedule a 30 minute consultation with Marc via Skype or phone and pick his brain on just about any topic or any project.



How Does it Work?

  • After placing your order, you’ll receive an email from us to schedule your consultation.
  • Consultations typically take about 30 minutes.

What Kind of Assistance Will I Receive?

  • The scope of service includes me answering any questions you have to the best of my abilities via Email or Consultation on ANY woodworking topic (not just Guild projects). I can give you advice on techniques, tools purchases, tool setup, project design, or whatever happens to be on your mind. For consultations, I usually request information from you ahead of time so that I can prepare resources that might be useful to you, making the most of your time.

What are the Limitations?

  • I obviously don’t know everything. I never lie about my knowledge and if you ask me something I don’t know or can’t find the answer to, I’ll give you a completely honest reply. If you stump me, I can usually suggest a person or alternative resource that WILL be able to help you, saving you additional time and effort.
  • I can’t design a project for you, however, I can certainly offer opinions and constructive criticism on your designs. But I can’t work up a design per your specifications.
  • Consultations will not exceed 1 hour.