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  1. Greg Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    10 years ago, after a devastating airplane crash which included traumatic brain injury, I had to relearn all my woodworking and carpentry skills. Having been a fan of the Wood whisperer prior to that, I turned back to Mark’s videos to relearn my skills. I started with the first video and, over a 15-month rehabilitation, finished as many as I could. Fortunately, I was able to overcome the brain injury and return to work. But, Mark’s skill and great method of teaching helped me get back into tge maker community to the point we were able to open Gangie&PopPop Makerspace. I’m really looking forward to making this table following Mark’s directions. This will be another quality piece of furniture for someone’s home. We continue our patreon support because we believe that more and more younger people need this kind of instruction to be self-sufficient and to I have the experience of making something with their own hands. Thank you Mark and Nicole for sharing your lives and your family with us!