Fremont Nightstand Reviews

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  1. Mick Simon (verified owner)

    I was fortunate to get to host Darrell and his wife last spring for a two-day seminar at the Santa Fe Community College department of Fine Woodworking. I had been holding off starting this project until after the seminar knowing that the little tips and tricks you pick up at these seminars can make a big difference. I adapted Darrell’s design to be used as a file cabinet. I’m very happy with the results. Darrell’s teaching methods are excellent, very approachable, always willing to give the most honest answer he can to any question. I highly recommend this project.

  2. shanesmith80 (verified owner)

    This is one that I’m super keen to have a crack at. Was very great to see how such an elegant piece of furniture can be made in such a simple and methodical way with a few great little tips along the way.

  3. Christopher Allen (verified owner)

    Darrell does an amazing job in this series. I learned tons of little tricks that really demystified some of the more complicated Greene and Greene techniques! Can’t wait to build it!

  4. Eddie Shepard (verified owner)

    There is so much here for you to learn even if you are not someone who plans on building this piece anytime soon. Darrell covers everything from design considerations to some neat tricks to perform some tasks that could help you on most any project. I think this was well worth my money and it is a project that I know I will come back to and watch again even if I never end up building it. Unfortunately for me, my wife is not keen on this style so I will have to come up with someone to make this for as a gift! I would highly recommend this project for anyone!

  5. mikemenifee (verified owner)

    Darrell is a great instructor. Engaging, a great story teller and makes the complicated less so. Really enjoyed. Hope Darrell makes another appearance.

  6. jellingburg (verified owner)

    There are some great insights in this series apart from building the actual nightstand. I thoroughly enjoyed this instruction.