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  1. Greg Metz (verified owner)

    Has anyone had any success in modifying the plans to support a TV for a virtual table top? I can find a reasonably priced tv of depth 2.6 inches

  2. ben (verified owner)

    So I am planning to order lumber from bell forest, but want to make it longer. Beyond just refiguring the plans with longer wood pieces do I need to be concerned with any other issues? I want to make a table about 114 inches long. I am worried about structural support issues. Thanks in advance.

  3. Marc Spagnuolo (verified owner)

    You sent me an email as well so I’ll just copy my response here:

    Structurally, you should probably be ok. The boards are supported along the length by the long rails. The one thing I’d be a little concerned about is the bottom panel of the play surface. Most plywood is cut to 96″ so you’ll need to join a couple of pieces to get the length you want.

    And if you ever think the bottom of the table might be sagging at all, you can always glue/screw some cleats to the bottom to help hold it as flat a possible.

  4. David (verified owner)

    Just watched all the videos! Marc has a great talent for teaching. Very very informational! I can’t wait to start this project!

  5. James (verified owner)

    I’m new to wood working and I love Marc’s projects, presentations, instructions, and videos. I learned a lot from this project.

  6. indubitablyrong (verified owner)

    I haven’t seen a project of Marc’s that wasn’t thorough and entertaining, the gaming dining table is no exception. He managed to take a complex idea and create a design that looks great while being functional. If you didn’t know that it was a gaming table, you wouldn’t have guessed it from looking at it.

  7. RonJ103 (verified owner)

    While I don’t plan on building this project myself, it was a lot of fun to watch and it was a good learning experience.

  8. markkish (verified owner)

    As usual Marc walks us thru another great guild build. There are a lot of great woodworkers on the internet but no body is a better teacher than Marc.

  9. cakibler (verified owner)

    I didn’t have the time to devote to this project right now, but the level of detail and the design options he chose definitely gives me a great starting place. I dont know if I will use all of the design choices he made, but he specifies a lot of times that its a bit of a freeform design and gives a lot of additional ideas to go off of.

  10. hubshooter (verified owner)

    When I first heard about this project I imagined that any multifunction piece of furniture would be a bear to build. This build series breaks down the process to steps that are incredibly simple. If you follow the plans and instructions for then the only hard part about this build would be handling the large work pieces. I learned a lot of methods for handling large work pieces. Marc does an outstanding job explaining every part of this build.

  11. kyleheon (verified owner)

    While this isn’t something I have any interest in building, at least not right now, I always watch these sessions just to learn technique. Marc has a great on-camera style and the videos are always of the highest quality. Never disappointed.

  12. Scott (verified owner)

    I won this project during the TWW Live 2015 Holiday Bash. I love the details provided in all the videos, and I’m excited to see that there are lumber bundles available to purchase. I can’t wait to get a chance to start working on my own table and see what I can come up with. One of my favorite things about Marc’s way of teaching, is that he shows his way, shows more options, then lets the woodworker figure out what works best for them.

  13. russb3 (verified owner)

    I can say this with every project I’ve purchased from Marc, and this one is no different, that the information and attention to detail are top notch.

  14. bsmtdweller (verified owner)

    I have built several projects from Marc’s catalog and the one constant in all of them is the excellent instruction he provides. He gives the builder everything they need to succeed. This table is a very well thought out design (love the versatility) and one I’m planning to build for the man cave.

  15. Mike (verified owner)

    The gaming table is not something I plan to build right now. However, the detail Marc goes into with every video and every step is something I’ve yet to find anywhere else. I’ve learned so many small details from each of the videos that have made me a much better woodworker. Details and techniques I never would have thought of before.

  16. Cameron (verified owner)

    Like many others, this is the project that really got me interested in the Guild, and I am not disappointed. The instructions presented are clear both in text and video, with commentary on multiple methods of approach. Marc does a great job in covering the “gotchas” associated with the project while introducing new techniques should you have the equipment and gumption to pursue them.

    The videos themselves are high-quality, and laid out in a very natural order. Each step is covered in the process with just the right amount of length to cover the topic in detail, without rambling on or being too long. Marc hits the sweet spot when it comes to balancing the right amount of information to present in a professional manner.

    The only minor quibble that I have is that it would have been nice to see a follow-up guild project tackle chairs or a bench for the table. However, after you take the time to build the table, I am sure that you will have the skills and confidence to take on a bench on your own, if you so choose.

  17. Jean-Charles (verified owner)

    I bought this project as part of an early bird bundle. I was most interested in the rocker and barrister bookcase. This project turned out to be a great learning experience. I also appreciate that alternate designs are discussed. My spouse asked me to build a dining table in the near future and I will try some techniques that were shown in this video, for example veneering. I find that I always learn something new from Mark’s videos. Great buy.

  18. wooduncle (verified owner)

    This was my eighth guild project and they always provide something new for me to learn and add to my arsenal of woodworking skills. My skills aren’t close to those possessed by Marc but his comfortable teaching style and the clarity with which the techniques are demonstrated make even the most challenging projects attemptable. The Gaming Table is a great skill builder project with much less complexity than the Sculpted Rocker. Marc, as usual, provides alternatives/options to the design and build techniques. This helps woodworkers at any skill level feel comfortable with attempting a build. Mistakes and recovering from them are also addressed. I haven’t built every project but having access to the archived projects is like having a reference library of techniques and design options which I have reviewed and applied to other projects. The Gaming Table would be a good first project and what you experience and learn from the videos is what you will come to expect from all of the Guild builds.

  19. nitreug (verified owner)

    Although I have no intention of building this table, like every project coming out of the brilliant (and perhaps not so sane!) mind of Marc Spagnuolo, this project will give you tons of tips that are relevant to whatever project you will build. If you are looking to build a table, this is the build for you. The multiple techniques addressed in this series can be used in some shape or form independently of what you want your final table to look like. If you specifically want a gaming table, this table shows great accessories and a method to build more to suit your specific needs.

    Finally, although I would not qualify this as an entry level project (if build as per the series), Marc mentions various areas where the project could be simplified to suit your tool set or your skills.

  20. ajenning (verified owner)

    The thing I love about the wood whisperer videos is the amount of detail in every video. This one is no exception. There must be 15 minutes spread across the videos focused on just getting the half laps on the table top perfect.

  21. n8oleary (verified owner)

    Great instruction as always Marc. Very detailed and I always learn something new from each build. I can’t wait to build my own.

  22. tedfmcm (verified owner)

    This is another great guild build!

    Like all guild builds, while it is presented as a gaming table, Marc’s instructions and designs are applicable to any large scale table that you want to build. That is the greatest thing about all the projects, the incremental skills are explained holistically so that they can be leveraged on whatever project you decide to build, for instance the veneering technique Marc describes here.

    Thanks again for another great source of woodworking content!

  23. timmis21 (verified owner)

    Excellent project and video. Marc’s delivery is always spot on, easy to understand and very thorough. I enjoy the increase level of detail over the free site. There is always something I learn whether I actually build the project or not.

  24. thetik (verified owner)

    Between the methods shown expertly in this video to use a vacuum press, and the cork pads for a smaller project like the Humidor, I can’t wait for my next project where I can include this! Great instruction and guides to resources beyond!

  25. Michael (verified owner)

    Marc, another great build. The explanation from wood choice to finish is excellent. I didn’t think I would build this till my wife saw me watching one of the videos, she said that is cool, I wanted a new dining room table…..well I guess I know what one of my next projects are. Keep the gears turning in the old noggin, can’t wait to see what you have in store for next year. Thanks again for all you do.

  26. jbraman (verified owner)

    This project is similar to all the previous guild projects in that you are given enough information and demonstrations to say “I can build this”. The advantage to this vs a live class that you have to attend is that if you miss a step or technique, you can just replay the video! Although I probably won’t build the exact same gaming table, Marc provides enough solutions for alternatives that I feel comfortable making a few small design changes for my own table. Excellent series!

  27. markday (verified owner)

    This is my 12th project purchased from the Guild and as per all other Guild projects Marc’s attention to detail with clear instruction is exceptional. From the outset the Guild projects may look intimidating but each video in the project series provides precise instruction and in some cases alternative methods of achieving the end goal. The plans provided in SketchUp or pdf format are easy to work with and there’s always plenty of room for putting your own personal touches into the project. I’m really looking forward to building my Gaming Table as soon as I can.

  28. jtoland (verified owner)

    Need to know how to taper large legs? Veneer panels? Ever wanted to attached gadgets to the side of your dining table? It’s all here! I don’t always build along with every project but I come away with some skill or method I had never used or thought of for my next build. Excellent production as always.

  29. ajw2773 (verified owner)

    I’m a long-time subscriber to Marc’s Guild site. I enjoy learning from his experience. The videos are clear and well produced. If you’re interested in learning how to create beautiful pieces of furniture in your home workshop, I recommend becoming a Guild member.

  30. cwhite3 (verified owner)

    Marc does an excellent job showing all the details. he show different ways of doing tasks so that if you don’t have a specific tool you have other options. I always enjoy watching Marc’s videos and learn something new in everyone. I highly recommend checking out at least one of his videos and you will be hooked.

  31. sussexmedic (verified owner)

    I love the detail of Marc’s projects.

  32. neelrob (verified owner)

    As an avid board gamer, I was really excited for this build. I was not disappointed. Lots of great information and instructions in this project for building a very functional gaming table that is absolutely beautiful.

  33. jlawrence (verified owner)

    I haven’t started building this one yet (still stuck on the sculpted rocker) but there is a lot of great information here. The segment on veneering was great- it’s something I haven’t tried yet but want to get into.

  34. David (verified owner)

    This is my first guild project, it is great to see the little tips and tricks that you can pick up from Mark. His attention to detail and how he easily explains things makes it very easy to follow along. I have only watched the videos so far and looked into the plans but can’t wait to build it. If you are on the fence about becoming a guild member just go for it! I joined only a few short weeks ago but am loving watching the videos and looking at the detailed plans.

  35. martinsmithjr (verified owner)

    While I don’t think i would build this specific table, I love the concept and will definitely use a few of Marc’s ideas in my future projects.

  36. thomsonm5 (verified owner)

    Marc does a great job of explaining and showing how to execute a wide variety of woodworking tasks, many of them complex. He is particularly strong in talking about and demonstrating finishing, a subject that others tend to gloss over in videos and articles. Even if you don’t build a particular project, each and every one is well worthwhile watching (and taking notes!).

  37. tomk749 (verified owner)

    As usual, Marc’s instructions detailed, thoughtful and right to the point. Marc has an excellent ability to relate to a wide spectrum of woodworkers, from beginners to pros. It part, it includes his attitudes of 1) no bs; and 2) if you don’t know, admit it. After all, you can always look it up somewhere. For this build, I liked in particular, the G&G style lap joints, the tapered legs and the easy but durable finishing method. I have used this method, based on Marc’s previous instructions and those of others, and it is now my go to finishing method. Thanks for your efforts.

  38. ikhaled (verified owner)

    This build is full of great details. I enjoyed watching Marc build the table specially the veneer video.

  39. James (verified owner)

    I became a member for this project alone. Always enjoyed the free site but I never knew what I was missing out on. I am in the planning stages of building 3 of these tables for myself and friends (they pay for materials of course). I couldn’t be happier with the quality of materials and the education provided. I hope to have pictures up of all 3 tables by the end of next summer.

  40. jrbmbm3 (verified owner)

    Another great build video series. I liked, as always, the level of detail, the amount and quality of the content, and the friendly atmosphere of the videos. I plan on building a table like this for games and puzzles.

  41. drmccabek (verified owner)

    The game dining table follows the same sequence as other guild builds: Introduction and design, preparing stock, dry fit following by multiple section glue ups, final fitting and finish. Additional discussion of veneering including vacuum press is part of this build. This build allows for full customization for size (I plan to make a coffee gaming table), accessories for the add on system and choice of wood as usual. Marc’s teaching and amicable style add to the build and make the process entertaining as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this project.

  42. wayno1 (verified owner)

    I have been a Guild member for about a year now. This build series is one of my favorites. Marc is a very talented craftsman, but an even better teacher. The video, audio and production quality is top notch. I learn new techniques with each build series. I highly recommend Marc’s videos to anyone looking to improve as a woodworker.

  43. uwelk (verified owner)

    I have not yet built this, but plan to in the future. This is a great project for the family and I expect to get years of enjoyment from it. Like all of Marc’s projects, the instruction of fantastic. You can’t go wrong whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro. Very worthwhile project.

  44. lobro4 (verified owner)

    Another top-notch teaching job by The Wood Whisperer himself. I subscribe to all his projects. No, I don’t build everyone of them but there are techniques to be learned in each project you will find useful in many other projects. A tricky joint? A unique way to use an old tool? Workarounds if I don’t have that one tool? Parts construction of any sizes? How to mix sheet goods and solid lumber for a great look? It’s all there in this (or any project) you should choose to purchase.

  45. flycrg (verified owner)

    I’m a newer woodworker and this has been a great project to watch and build. I’ve just started to build this project 2 weeks ago and it’ll be a coffee table. My favorite detail from the video is the bridle joints. They’re also the sort of detail that I’m worrying about messing up. It has been great being able to watch every step several times before actually doing it, giving me confidence that I can do this.So far everything has gone well and I look forward to playing Catan or Pandemic on it.

  46. vich (verified owner)

    Be be sure to share your coffee table. I loved the table build. I always get a ton of information on technique watching Marc’s videos. I love to see the member versions, too. This will be very cool as a coffee table!

  47. David (verified owner)

    Marc did an excellent job guiding us through the steps and discussing options and considerations along the way in an entertaining fashion. It is so much more than a step-by-step build. He provides great information that will help me with all my projects. Just like a great TV series, I looked forward to each new episode.

  48. toberbear (verified owner)

    Another great project from Marc, love the attention to detail and the explanations on each step of the process, and also the fact that he encourages creativity to put your own spin on things!

  49. Leeper (verified owner)

    Another great video from Marc. Professional quality video and great instruction to go with it. Marc goes out of his way to show alternative methods for people that don’t have a huge selection of tools. As always, great build.

  50. mikemenifee (verified owner)

    Another great guild project. Especially interested with the veneering episode.

  51. brianh (verified owner)

    Another winner! I am planning on building one for my son and his family.

  52. qitenakadave (verified owner)

    I was waiting for this project every since Marc announced it. This is a project my wife is totally on board with…which always helps 🙂 I followed each of the videos and watched several of them multiple times. I can’t say enough regarding how thorough Marc is when describing the process of the build….just fantastic. The inclusion of feedback from the community was great. Do yourself a favor…if you need a table..a beautiful table, that can serve many purposes get this project and build this puppy!

  53. dave85 (verified owner)

    A gaming table? Who wouldn’t like to have one! This is a great series showing you step by step instruction and much more as this one leaves space for your own creativity. Marc is giving you a base allowing your taste to expand all over the place 🙂 hope I got that right 🙂

  54. bwilliam (verified owner)

    Love this project. Marc turns a large and seemingly daunting table build into simple and easy process. With Marc’s design, you have the power to customize your very one gaming table to make it your own! Watched every video with excitement and can’t wait to complete my own table. A MUST buy instructional video!

  55. Jason (verified owner)

    The Gaming Dining Table is simply another fantastic project in the Wood Whisperer Guild series! Marc, once again, knocks it out of the park with his incredible step by step instruction and presentation. Even if you have no intention of building a “gaming table”, you will gain invaluable insight into many woodworking techniques and processes that will undoubtedly help you with many of your future projects. If you are ever looking for a woodworking mentor, teacher, or motivator, look no further than Marc Spagnuolo. I highly recommend the Gaming Dining Table project – you will not regret it!

  56. Matthew (verified owner)

    Fantastic video walk-through of the entire process. Buy this one – you won’t be disappointing!

  57. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    This table has a great flexible design for a compromise of my pseudo gamer wife and me as an avid gamer. Videos are very well done and this is my next project after my two honey do projects. And finally a great way to get drinks off the table while gaming.

  58. Michael (verified owner)

    Like always, Marc has a lot of great ideas on building projects. I bought this one as a reference for the education on how to attach table legs, match lumber, cut my own veneer, and for finishing a table. He did not disappoint. Although I have no room for this size table, I intend to use many of his lessons for other projects. Plus he is always surprising with new techniques to get things done

  59. Lewis (verified owner)

    This was one of my favorite builds so far. This table build was a great way dor me to learn new skills to add to my woodworking arsenal

  60. markburnell (verified owner)

    Another Home Run by The Wood Whisperer, this video series is clear and concise. The step by step deatail is amazing. If you are thinking about building a table in the future, please do yourself a favor and buy this project. You will not regret it.

  61. Socheat (verified owner)

    I originally got in to woodworking with the specific intent to build a gaming table when I felt my skills were good enough – sort of like a final senior project before graduating. While I’m not sure if I’m read yet, when this project appeared on the Guild it pushed me to “elevate my game” (as Marc likes to say) and I joined the Guild not long after. The table itself is amazing! I have a feeling this will soon be serious competition to the Roubo project for “most popular project”. Every step of the way, Marc explains the reasons behind his design decisions and also offers alternative methods for a lot of the techniques, which is extremely useful.

    While there are a couple Guild projects I don’t intend on building, after seeing the level of detail Marc puts in to each project, I purchased a couple more because they used techniques and designs I was interested in learning for my other projects. I was also impressed with how he includes the members in the design discussion at the beginning of the project. Looking forward to the next project!

  62. mkress (verified owner)

    This table is great. It was thought through well, with a lot of features. I have been wanting a gaming table and now I get one! I also like that this build doesn’t take a ton of specialty tools.

  63. nstein78 (verified owner)

    Another fantastic project and tutorial from Marc. What I love most about this table is that it is unlike any other table plan or educational series you will find elsewhere. Forget settling for a particular style like shaker or arts and crafts. Marc encourages the viewer to be creative and personalize each piece to their own needs and desires while guiding you through each step of the build and finish process. I had never given any thought to a gaming table before, but after this project, I am seriously considering building my own.

  64. ukcolin (verified owner)

    I haven’t had a a chance to build this project yet but I have watched the entire series and am excited to try. Once again Marc does an absolute fantastic job showing us everything we need to know in order to build this project ourselves. The videos are professional quality and very entertaining.

  65. nebelk (verified owner)

    I am still planning my table build based on Marc’s design – mine will be slightly smaller and probably not include the accessory rack (but maybe, we’ll see). I’ve never tried panel veneering before, but after watching how (relatively) easy it is, I’ll be trying it rather than relying on questionable commercial veneered plywood.

    The table design manages to remain elegant and not look top heavy or clunky while hiding a very usable space.

    As usual, Marc provides great videos that walk through each step thoroughly and he comes across as approachable and professional at the same time.

  66. bkcollins (verified owner)

    This great series covers in detail table construction, offering more than the usual, “and then put a big flat piece of good looking wood on top.” In most table construction courses, the top is always an afterthought. Here it is a feature, and there is information here not only on stock selection and preparation and table joinery, but also on shop-sawn veneers and panel veneering, ornamentation, surface prep and finishing, etc. Even if you don’t build this EXACT table, Marc offers very useful tips and insights you will find useful in other projects.

  67. Troy (verified owner)

    I haven’t built this project yet, but this video series is not only entertaining, but it also demonstrates a lot of great techniques.

  68. milamber (verified owner)

    Been looking for a while for tables plans. Showed the videos to my wife and the final project and she gave me the go ahead to build one. One elegant looking table made better with the gaming additions.

  69. pjperrello (verified owner)

    The Gaming Table taught me much on panel veneering. As with all of Marc’s projects there is always something new to learn. Having struggled with the quality of store bought veneer plywood in my last project I now have an alternative to make my own veneer panels. Overall this presentation is very informative, packed with techniques and uniquely entertaining in a way that makes it easy to learn. I highly recommend the Gaming Table!

  70. adam_comfort (verified owner)

    I have not built this project yet, but I always feel smarter after watching Marc build these projects. The game table is no exception. From the joinery to sanding to finishing, I fully enjoyed this build. This is what I would imagine an in -depth project would look like from Norm Abram. It may be looked over, but one of favorite parts is the discussion of stock preparation and choosing what grain you want where.

  71. chris_h (verified owner)

    This is a project that I have been kicking around for a long time. This guild build finally pushed me to execute. I am about 80% done with the build now and will add some pictures in the near future. This is by far my favorite guild build yet (that I have worked on).

  72. junado (verified owner)

    Another great project and a ton of good information. Marc is a really good teacher and is able to break down projects that look complex in a series of simple tasks, allowing anyone to follow his lead and end up with a great table !

  73. ff1045 (verified owner)

    I am not a “gamer” but I was looking for a dining table project and the excellent details in this series of project videos make this a great choice. Everything is covered, including cutting veneer and then using a vacuum press. Like all Guild videos, this one was great.

  74. canuckotter (verified owner)

    I already have a decent dining table that my wife loves, and I don’t have any other space that’d fit a table like this, so I wasn’t sure if I’d get as much value out of this project. As usual, it turned out to be a fantastic project. Compared to some – like the Sculpted Rocker project – it’s fairly straight-forward, especially if you’re not planning on doing shop-sawn veneer. That said, there are a lot of little details I hadn’t considered, and it’s those little details that in my mind make the project worthwhile for anyone who’s considering building a similar kind of table. The result is beautiful, and as usual the instruction is clear, straight-forward, and easy to follow, and still more entertaining that almost any TV show or movie out there. Basically, if you’re considering building a gaming table of any sort – even if it’s not a dining table like this one – I’d consider this project money well spent.

  75. shanesmith80 (verified owner)

    Another great tutorial Marc. I have to admit I was a little sceptical at first at how this would look, mainly with the side rails. But the end product looks great. And with a young family myself, this could definitely be a future project.