G&G Adirondack Chair Reviews

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  1. JohnMac (verified owner)

    My wife had always wanted a set of Adirondack chairs for the deck. I always pushed back, not wanting to build some pine box store knock off. Marc provided the perfect compromise, a great design that stands out. No one has mistaken them for anything other than hand crafted. The video’s and plan’s are great and make the build easy.

    Thanks Marc.

  2. 461oceanblvd (verified owner)

    This chair is the perfect example of why Marc’s videos are just on a completely different level than a lot of other video projects out there. A historically basic outdoor chair becomes a piece of fine furniture.

    There is a great level of detail that you just can’t get anywhere else. Any other adirondack chair on the Tube comes in at around 10 minutes, if that. This series is several HOURS of detailed step by step instruction. He even talks us through his thought process and shows how he goes about solving any problems that arise. Even the most daunting tasks are explained and shown in a way that makes even my idiot self think I can accomplish everything in the video. And I have!

    Well worth every penny.

  3. JohnMac (verified owner)

    The Chairs were a great Project, Marc’s Video’s and instruction is second to none. He shows clearly how to get professional results with less than professional skills, mine. He make the build stress free, and is always supportive. Adirondack chairs had been on my wife’s wish list for some time. I had never found a way to make them interesting enough to build my own. Marc solved that with this project, refined yet basic, they stand out, Definitely hand made.

    Thanks for your Site.