G&G Blanket Chest Reviews

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  1. jtwenter (verified owner)

    Marc nails the instruction on this blanket case. I could not have done it without his excellent tutorials and well put together plans. I love being able to rewatch a video to pick up important pieces of information I would have missed if I was taking a physical woodworking class. This was my first TWW Guild project but it will definitely not be my last. Thank you Marc! My son loved his toy chest.

  2. CKalnasy (verified owner)

    This was a fantastic project! I completed this as my first guild project and only woodworking for about 9 months. Marc absolutely makes this entire project accessible to any level, trust me. I am so satisfied with the end goal and cannot wait for my next build!

  3. RonJ103 (verified owner)

    Marc really made this easy with the great videos. It still takes some time to complete, but you are never wondering what the next step is.

  4. codykniffen (verified owner)

    This was my first build in the Greene and Greene style and I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous the second I purchased the necessary materials. Just look at it, it’s kind of intimidating right? But don’t let the details and multitude of ebony plugs get the best of you. You’ve got a fantastic set of plans and equally great instructor at your fingertips. Every single detail is covered extensively and by following along you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Greene and Greene guru.

    It seems like a lot to take in, but I would suggest anyone interested should dive right in and get started in the world of G&G. As others have previously stated here, I’ve been wood working and building projects for several years, and what started as a pile of rough mahogany quickly became my first piece of “fine” woodworking. I built this as a gift for my parents and I know it will live a long life for many to enjoy.

  5. amowbray (verified owner)

    Outstanding instruction! My skill level is far below that of Marc but his videos are very easy to follow and very detailed. I was very impressed with the quality of the video and with the slow, patient process he takes to build the project in a step by step manner. Very well done. I have completed 3 of Marc’s projects and this one was a real winner.

  6. american_buffalo (verified owner)

    Very happy with the instruction videos and plans provided for this build. I especially like that Marc takes the time to explain things like grain patterns and wood selection that you don’t see a lot of in other how-to videos. Really great project and my wife loves her blanket chest birthday present.

  7. thetimbertalker (verified owner)

    This is my first project with the Guild and it was all I imagined and more. Step by step instructions were easy to follow and contained info that I will use daily in my shop.

    Marc is a natural instructor and offers many tips and alternative techniques to bring the project to completion. You never feel “lost” when watching his instructions.

    The Blanket Chest is a piece I am very proud to have built. The results let me see how much my skills have improved and I have already started my second project.

  8. cpt_merica (verified owner)

    Before purchasing this video series I had completed multiple weekend projects and a few furniture projects, but nothing that could be classified as fine furniture.

    Marc’s ability to explain and demonstrate fine woodworking techniques provided me with the confidence and skills I needed. I made plenty of mistakes and cut a few corners along the way, but I made what I would consider a piece of fine furniture.

    If you’re contemplating purchasing this project, I highly recommend it. I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.

    John Plumstead

  9. mmonday (verified owner)

    Having been a fan of G&G design for some time I’d always wanted to take on a project to replicate or represent the beautiful soft lines of the G&G brothers work. Problem is I simply didn’t have the background or knowledge to take it on by myself. When Marc announced this project as a Guild Build I was thrilled….and followed each and every step. The result? A beautiful blanket chest that is functional, beautiful, and true to the G&G spirit. Marc’s instruction, as always, was detailed and well thought through to make sure that the construction methods used were effective and easy to understand. I also have to add that Marc’s instruction is entertaining as well! I would recommend this project to anyone, whether new to woodworking or an accomplished craftsman. Enjoy G&G!