Hank Chair Templates

This set of templates is specifically designed for our Hank Chair project. Templates are constructed from only the finest exquisite 1/4″ MDF. *Please Note* In order to build this project, you MUST own the project here in the Guild.

Due to the size, time in transit, and the potential for damage; we cannot ship outside of the US. 


In stock (can be backordered)

This set includes all of the templates Jory uses as well as a second side template, allowing you to cut one into three pieces while keeping the second one whole for the final routing operation. This will make more sense once you view the Template video.

In order to reduce shipping and production costs, the largest templates (Seat and Side) have been broken down into pieces that need to be assembled upon receipt. Each joint has a jigsaw puzzle pattern and a unique letter. Simply match them up for assembly. Please keep in mind these templates were made in a dry climate (Denver, CO) so depending on where you live the joints may swell. We highly recommend assembling the templates immediately upon receipt even if you don’t plan to build the chair any time soon. To make the assembly permanent, either apply wood glue to the joint prior to assembly or drip some thin Cyanoacrylate glue (Crazy glue) into the joints after assembly.