Hank Chair Reviews

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  1. Rodney Hiltbrand (verified owner)

    Super fun build. I had Staples print the patterns $4.23 well spent. The videos and plans together made the project very straight forward. I had no significant questions that were not readily answered by the lessons. The technique of cutting calls into the excess wood was genius. I doubt I would ever have thought to do that and it made the joinery very rewarding.

  2. btschmid (verified owner)

    Awesome project! I love that Jory has a distinct style both in the project design as well as his in shop techniques. A valuable addition to the Guild pantheon. Can’t wait to get started on a few chairs.

  3. Alec McMahon (verified owner)

    Such an excellent project. Jory has a very interesting and unique method of getting things done. I’ve definitely learned a ton in this project and picked up tips and tricks that i’ll be using in the future. And oh…The chairs are beautiful too !

  4. Robert Sorbello (verified owner)

    So much fun with great instruction! Thank you guys!