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  1. Nathan Eskey (verified owner)

    Excellent orientation into Sketchup. I’ve watched a few videos online, and nothing compares to the presentation, and lessons provided in this Guild project.

  2. Ken Koyle (verified owner)

    I have watched Sketchup courses on LinkedIn Learning (aka, YouTube, and the Trimble help files. Those are good, but it’s hard to find anything that applies directly to woodworking and the kind of design we do. This course is made by a woodworker, for woodworkers. Brian gets it. He walks you through a whole project design (actually a couple of designs – a Shaker side table, then modified to a Shaker nightstand). In the process he teaches you all kinds of design techniques and tips, all using the free version of Sketchup (with some reference to pro versions where needed).
    Here’s my recommendation: Watch the whole project first, just like you do with a regular build project, so you have a high-level idea of what the project is. Then watch again, this time with Sketchup open and following along. Brian goes fast (someone else commented on that), but here’s the secret: You have a pause button. Watch what he does, stop the video, and do it yourself. If you didn’t get it, go back and watch again. The info is there, you just need to control your own pace so you get it all.
    Bottom line: This project is absolutely worth it, and recommended for woodworkers of all levels. I wish the system would let me give it the five stars it deserves! I’m being oppressed!

  3. Vic Hubbard (verified owner)

    Coming into this as a novice, I learned a lot. I had been trying to self teach for awhile and this course got me actually being able to maneuver successfully within the design space.

  4. Steven Linna (verified owner)

    Very helpful. I have used sketchup for year, but self taught and frankly just knew enough to get by with designing what I needed to help me in the shop. I knew there must have been better ways to do some of what I was doing but was just too lazy to dig in to it. I’ve now watched this series 3 times in the background while working on projects in the shop and it has been a huge help. definitely worth the money and I am really hoping for a follow on course.

  5. RandyTucker (verified owner)

    It was, without a doubt, helpful. Not sorry I got it. Brian certainly knows his stuff and is a great technician/creator. On the down side, in my opinion, Brian is a better technician than instructor, and this “project” isn’t up to the high standard set by the other projects I’ve purchased. Bottom line: your SketchUp skills will likely be enhanced by this class.

  6. Steve Browning (verified owner)

    I thought Brian’s course on Sketchpad was amazing! Even though I am experienced with 3-d packages like Blende, Fusion 360, and sketchup, I found I learned a tonne.

    This new found knowledge under Brian’s training has allowed me to more quickly and accurately design and render furniture.

    I strongly recommend Brian’s Sketchup for anyone that is starting or those that take too long with poor results. For experienced Sketchup users you too will find some great new and helpful skills in this very affordable project!

    I gave it 5 stars but it will only allow me to submit 4 so here are my five stars ☆☆☆☆☆

    Steve Browning
    The Woodwhisper Guild

  7. quinkyle769 (verified owner)

    I can only give 4 stars so far because I’ve been a slacker and have not completed the course, but so far it has been very helpful and well worth the cost. I’ve been using SketchUp occasionally for a few years and have until now only learned what I picked up by YouTubing what I couldn’t figure out and a 101 video or two. This program is teaching me a woodworking approach to the product. Give it a go. You won’t be disappointed. 5 minutes in I was saying “well that’s helpful” and “that makes a LOT more sense.”

  8. Robert (verified owner)

    I have used sketchup prior to taking this class, even took it as a course when studying Architecture. Why would I need to take a beginners course? I am glad I did not ask myself that before signing up. I relearned much I had forgotten, and many of the things I did not understand back then now made sense. It is well worth the time (and small amount of money) to take this course, if you intend to design your own furniture.

  9. Joelazar (verified owner)

    I always had a tough time with Sketchup, and this was a great resource. Because of this course I was able to finish a drawing, send it to a friend who I was building for, get his approval and move forward with the project. It was SUPER helpful!

  10. Alex Copley (verified owner)

    This is a great course for anybody who wants to learn Sketchup. I’ve tried to teach myself via free YouTube videos quite a few times and could never get the hang of it. Brian is a fantastic instructor and I really hope that we see more in depth courses in the future to build upon the knowledge base established with this series!

  11. Clark Hussey (verified owner)

    After struggling to learn SketchUp from YouTube videos etc. I finally came across this course. Brian’s teaching style is excellent. Take your time watch the video first and then go back and lay the video again while using SketchUp got me the best results.