Krenov-Inspired Display Stand Reviews

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  1. american_buffalo (verified owner)

    I had fun building this project. I probably made it more challenging than it needed to be by hand cutting all the dovetails, but that’s what I do even if they don’t turn out as pristine as the machine cut method Marc used. The legs are certainly more challenging that you would think at first glance, and I made those more challenging also by adding a taper at both the top and the bottom. I used sinker mahogany for the case, ash for the legs, and lacewood for the drawer front. I also added some wedged 1/4″ dowels on the underside of the case on each side to act as drawer stops once it was all finished.

  2. chexxchexx (verified owner)

    I’ll admit that I really disliked this piece at first glance, but over time it grew on me. With more than a few builds under my belt, I wouldn’t describe this one as especially challenging, but the 12/4 lumber threw me a few curveballs which kept things interesting. Anyway, as I’ve come to expect, Marc’s expert instruction didn’t disappoint and the videos covered every last detail so even a relative newbie should be able to achieve a great result.