Morley Bar Stool Templates

This set of templates is specifically designed for our Morley Bar Stool project. Templates are constructed from only the finest exquisite 1/4″ MDF. *Please Note* In order to build this project, you MUST own the project here in the Guild. The templates do not come with ANY instructions. 


In order to reduce shipping costs, the largest templates have been broken down into smaller pieces that need to be assembled upon receipt. The joint has a simple dovetail pattern. Simply match them up, put the male side of the joint on top of the female side of the joint and give it a good whack with a mallet or dead blow hammer. It’s a good idea to assemble your templates immediately upon receipt and apply some glue to the joint before assembly. You can also apply CA glue after the joint is assembled if you use a putty knife to drive the glue down into the joint. Although the joint is NOT intended to be disassembled, it can still be unstable so adding glue helps stiffen the template. Please see the below video for more details on assembling the joints.