Morley Lounge Chair Reviews

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  1. Aaron Banmann (verified owner)

    An enjoyable project from beginning to end. I only finished the chairs a few months ago and have already applied the new skills learned to other projects.

  2. Raleigh beringer (verified owner)

    This looks like a fantastic project. Even if you don’t end up building the chair itself Phillip uses techniques that are nothing short of amazing. I have already thought of 59 ways the the L-fence would have saved me a ton of work.

    Absolutely worth the money and time watching.

  3. Andrew Petee (verified owner)

    I’m not finished yet with the two chairs I’m building but this has been the most fun I’ve had with woodworking so far in the few years I’ve been doing this.

  4. todd.frazier (verified owner)

    Great instruction and camera work! Philip makes a challenging build very accessible to viewers, and he takes the time along the way to point out small details to pay attention to.