“Mouse” Card Scraper

A curved scraper that looks like a mouse. If you hold it with your left hand it looks like a whale. We won’t even charge extra for that feature. The Mouse serves as a more functional and easier-to-burnish alternative to the classic gooseneck scraper.


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Overall dimensions are  .032″ T x 2.5″ W x 5″ L

  • Made in the USA from 0.032″ thick American Blue Spring Steel (blue color has been removed)
  • High Carbon Steel, 50 C Rockwell – scraper edge lasts longer in hardwoods 

The story behind the Mouse:  I do a lot of curved work and that often entails scraping concave surfaces such as chair seats. Like most people, I usually reach for a classic gooseneck scraper. Unfortunately, gooseneck scrapers have such severe curves that the radius I need is often a very limited section of the scraper which dulls quickly. Goosenecks also curve in on themselves and create a tight inside curve that I have never had a use for and find very difficult to sharpen and burnish. So I set out to design a new scraper with gently shifting radii so more of the scraper is in contact with the wood at any given time, giving the most real estate to the curve section I use most frequently. In addition, by getting rid of the inside curve, we were able to include a completely straight section for additional versatility.

Why the holes? The holes are actually a feature with several benefits:

  • They make the scraper lighter and more flexible, reducing hand fatigue.
  • They make the scraper more aerodynamic by allowing air to pass through with each stroke.
  • They are a great spot for your thumbs and since there’s no metal there, you won’t feel any heat buildup.
  • They reduce vibration resulting in a cleaner cut.
  • If you build up a lot of wood shavings, they can actually act like the mouth of a hand plane, letting the shavings pass through.
  • PLEASE NOTE – None of that is true. The holes are for bolts that are used to immobilize the scraper during machining. 🙂