Queen Anne Highboy Reviews

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  1. Andrew (verified owner)

    The Queen Anne Highboy has SOOO many good tips and tricks in it. I bought it because I just wanted to see something like this made. I have learned more from watching this 1 project than any of the other guild projects. The techniques have applied across so many of my projects. I don’t even make period furniture. Most of what I make would fall into Craftsman or Modern style. If you are on the fence there is a lot to be learned here.

  2. david (verified owner)

    I am a 50 year woodworker and you can learn different ways to build a great furniture piece .lot of step by step info

  3. JohnG (verified owner)

    Don’t think that this project is only useful for building a QA Highboy. The techniques and methods learned from this project go far beyond QA Highboys, Highboys, and QA furniture in general.
    I bought this project with the assumption that it would be many years before I would have the skills needed to make an heirloom like this. However, Matt does an excellent job of breaking down each step into manageable pieces, and now I realize that while it is a large project, it is not ‘hard’ to do.
    This project should cost far more than it does.

  4. mark morgan (verified owner)

    I just want to say, even if you think you will never build it, it is worth it for the mass of information, and entertainment. If you think you will ever do any type of chest on chest, or anything with carving, or with cabriole legs, then buy it. If you just like watching truly great woodworking, then buy it.

  5. mikemenifee (verified owner)

    Great Project. Matt knows his stuff and is easy to follow. The amount of detail is tremendous. Though I’ll never build the project, not my style. the information about preparing and researching alone is worth the price of admission, this information is applicable to any style or period. Again just another great project.