Split-Top Roubo Workbench

Marc Spagnuolo

The Split-Top Roubo Workbench is a modern twist on the classic Roubo design, inspired by Plate 11 of Andre Roubo's L'Art du Menuisier. This is a time-tested design will serve as a lifetime workbench and will never need to be replaced. Whether you're into hand tools, power tools, or both, this bench will serve all of your work-holding needs.

The bench measures 87" Long x 24" Deep x 35" High.

  • 26 lessons
  • 589 min
  • $120.00

How much will the total build cost?
Benchcrafted Hardware: Split-Top Roubo Benchmaker’s Package  Everything you need except for the wood.
Lumber: Estimate about 150 BF of 8/4 lumber. Once you select the species you want to use, call around for local pricing and use the Board Foot price to estimate your lumber costs. As an alternative, Bell Forest Products has wood packages available for purchase.

*Important* Benchcrafted upgrades their hardware frequently and the current hardware may not match perfectly with the hardware shown in this series. However, the hardware is still compatible with the Split-Top Roubo workbench. You’ll need to consult Benchcrafted’s printed instructions and merge them with what is presented in the videos. We recently published two new videos showing how to install the Crisscross system as well as the latest Glide hardware as a retro-fit in the Split-Top Roubo. If installing these components in a new workbench, you’ll find these videos helpful but you will still want to refer to Benchcrafted’s instructions.

Can a beginner make this bench?
Most of the demands of this project are physical. These big boards are not easy to move around alone. Some skill is required to complete the joinery tasks but if you are good at taking instructions, the videos will show you every single step in the process. There are some folks who made this workbench their very first woodworking project. While this is awesome to see, I think most people will be the happiest building this workbench after they have a couple projects under their belt.

Can I use different hardware?
Yes, but this is not covered in the video series. You can simply ignore the hardware installation sections of the series and instead focus on the particular manufacturer’s instructions. Even without the Benchcrafted hardware, this workbench is a sturdy beast that will happily accept any hardware you choose to install.



I have yet to start the build, but have watched all the videos. Very informative in genral. A lot of the content is dated, because of the change in bench crafted hardware. However, I still think it was very insightful to watch.

Guild Member

That was a fun 5 months! It’s a process and a very sizeable investment but well worth it. The result is a beautiful tank and very functional. Mark doesn’t leave much out of the videos and there is no way I could have done this without it and the VERY detailed plans. Plus as usual it’s all great entertaining content. Highly recommended and I would have paid twice the video cost if I had to – it’s that helpful.

Guild Member

After needing a bench for way too long, I finally bought this and got to work. Well, got to work watching the videos that is! 🙂 Marc does such a great job breaking such a large project into small, manageable steps that are easy to follow. This truly is a lifetime bench. I can’t imagine needing to get rid of it and building something different to replace it. I built it a little taller and a lot longer (10″+) and both customizations were easy to do with Marc’s help.
I love that after Benchcrafted updated their hardware he added an updated video that you receive (make sure you watch it before starting anything!) included in the cost of the project. Amazing!

Peter Boyes
Guild Member
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