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I needed a teacher, a mentor that could help get me going. Fortunately, I found Marc Spagnuolo at thewoodwhisperer.com. Here is a guy that really knows how to teach. He shows every step in the process, not just the highlights. He gives really detailed plans. He patiently explains the traps, the problems you are likely to encounter. He doesn’t pull any punches about how hard something is going to be. And he’s willing to admit and show his mistakes. In short, his teaching style for woodworking is exactly what I try to do with my teaching style for poker.

I just finished building my first project — an Adirondack chair in the style of Greene and Greene. It is built with Honduran Mahogany with Walnut accents. I couldn’t resist. You can never have too many outdoor chairs, and I loved the design. I have about 50 hours and $400 in wood and various accessories into the project. After the teak oil dries, I’ll be sitting on my chair, cracking a beer, and proudly telling my very patient and understanding wife, “Honey, I finally built something.”

Phil Gordon (Poker Player, Entrepreneur, and Author)

Any reasonable man would put aside their passion for the sake of pragmatism. But hearing the guitar riff (or horns) at the beginning of a whisperer video is enough to keep me fired up and building on; questionable weather, inevitable darkness and 128 square feet be damned! Thank you for keeping it up. I know you guys are still sorting out your own realty quandaries but rest assured I look forward to the content to come. Best of luck and keep it coming!


I am an intermediate woodworker and having access to the content of the Wood Whisperer Guild has helped me answer a lot of questions and has solidified a lot of the woodworking concepts you read about in books and magazines . More importantly it has inspired me to raise the bar with respect to the quality of my own work. Thanks!

Gil McNeill
Chatham County, NC

Being relatively new to woodworking I need all the instruction and help I can get, and I have found the extra detailed information and support I need within the guild to help me advance my woodworking skills.

Philippe S├ęguin
Montreal, Canada

I recently signed up for the Guild after spending many hours taking advantage of the wonderful and insightful videos. I’m new to woodworking and currently working on a detailed Poker Table. These videos helped to hone my skills quickly. I recommend this site to anyone who wants to learn from one of the best resources I could find. Keep it up Marc!!!!!

Bradley Lockwood

I found the Wood Whisperer through a member of the local wood working club. I loved his jokes (often bad) and the fact that he would show his mistakes. Now I am a member of the Guild and I love the indepth videos. Marc inspires a lot of confidence, not only because we get to see his steps, but also how he fixes the traps that we all seem to fall into. Not to mention the discounts! Worth every penny of the membership!

Matt aka Dukegijoe

I would have never tried some of the projects I have built if it wasn’t for some of the tips and tricks that I have learned form this site. You would be hard pressed to find the many howto’s, and knowledge for the price anywhere else. First class, and always evolving.


I am new to woodworking and have just set up a small workshop for myself….The only thing is ‘where do I start’? I live on a small Island (Isle of Man) in the Irish sea between England and Ireland and there are zero training facilities for me. All I have is magazines, youtube and expensive plane tickets for courses in the UK. The answer to this is simple, The Wood Whisperer Guild! This is the best discovery I have made, It’s like having your own 1:1 tutor right there in your shed!