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If you just purchased a project, you can access it immediately by clicking on the My Projects link after logging in. You can add more projects to your collection by visiting the Guild Store.

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Join a few thousand of your closest friends in an exclusive Facebook Group where you can get help with your woodworking questions and rub elbows with some of the most talented woodworkers on the web! Need a little extra help or want to help others? Check out and apply to the mentorship program inside the Facebook Group. When requesting access, be sure to provide us with the email you used on the Guild site. This is how we confirm your eligibility. Free Tier and simple product purchasers do not quality for Facebook Group access.


Listen to an Interview

We’ve interviewed a number of accomplished woodworkers throughout the years. Learn from their years of experience by checking out the Interview Archive.


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Each month, we have a live virtual Guild Meeting where we discuss woodworking topics and hold an open Q&A and chat. Find out about the next meeting in the weekly Guild Newsletter or in the My Projects area of the Guild website. If you can’t make it live, the events are recorded and available for viewing after the fact in the Guild Meetings Archive.

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The Guild is your ticket to better woodworking through high-quality instruction and community engagement. We’re glad you could join us! Happy woodworking!