We have a few announcements to make. First, there are a couple of improvements to the Guild website. The reality is, we’re working on a totally new overhaul that isn’t likely to be ready until later this year. But in the meantime, there were a couple of things that were long overdue for an update.


First are the Guild Meetings, News, and Interview sections of the site. These archives looked terrible before but now they have a cleaner presentation that should make it easier to find older content. Some of the images and descriptions are missing but I’ll begin to populate this stuff in my spare time. So bear with me. 


Second is our project hub pages. We’ve simplified the lesson layout and added one of the most-requested features since the start of the Guild: quick access to download links. If you look in the left-hand column of any project page, you’ll see we’ve added HD and SD download links to the Table of Contents. So if you’re new to a project and you want to quickly download all of the lessons, you now have a way to do it. 


The final announcement deals with Guild Meetings. Let’s just say 2016 was a bust. I’ll own that. With the birth of our daughter, my personal health issues, and our move to Colorado, we were in “survival” mode as a family. Not to mention we started doing Friday Live! every week! But now that the dust has settled from the move and everyone is happy and healthy, we’re getting back to our full production schedule and that means monthly Guild Meetings. The next one is on March 7th at 8pm Eastern. Hope you can make it! And before you ask, we DO plan to bring back the Interviews. But let’s call that Stage 2.

So that’s about it. I hope you continue to enjoy the Guild site and all it offers.