Barrister’s Bookcase Reviews

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  1. Michael Kern (verified owner)

    Fantastic plans and videos. Only real issue I ran into was something Marc warned about – some of my plywood dimensions were off from what they were sold as (1/4 inch ply was actually 3/16). Love the modular design and the accommodations made for potential glass breakage. I built a set of three and it came out looking great. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys the asthetics or functionality of this bookcase.

  2. Brian (verified owner)

    Overall a fun project. The nice thing is that it is a large piece, but many of the components are repeated and so are the tool set ups. You can really spend your time getting one right, and the rest go fast. Plus you get lots of practice. It took me about three months of weekend work to get this completed, which is fast for me. It’s a good skill builder that is easy to do with just a few of the common power tools.

    As always, the video instruction is very good.

  3. BarryC (verified owner)

    My first Guild project, and a great choice. Everything was excellent, from the video, sound, instruction and plans. Highly recommended, and I look forward to my next build.

  4. Phenrica (verified owner)

    The barristers bookcase is my first WW Guild project and I was blown away by the quality of the video instruction, plans and drawings. I found it straight forward to adjust to meet my requirements and just love the modular approach to this. Another unit will be added at a later date to take it to 4 layers i’m sure. The build has raised interest with a commission being ordered already in Oak or Elm if the timber can be sourced.
    I can’t recommend the Guild enough definitely worth a go, so much so that no 2 project already bought and getting ready to embark on my next adventure ‘the waterfall table’

  5. Chris Nicholson (verified owner)

    Awesome project! Great videos with clear, concise plans. I built two for my mom and have had requests from customers for additional builds.

    Another awesome guild build!

  6. Chet (verified owner)

    This was a fun and rewarding project. I though the videos and Sketch Up planes were concise and detailed and really easy to follow. I learned a number of new techniques and skills. It feels good to get the complements we have received when people see it in our house and I owe a lot of that to Marc’s great instruction.

  7. shanesmith80 (verified owner)

    Really love the way this came together, and the modular style. I can definitely see one of these in my future.