Modern Platform Bed

Marc Spagnuolo

The Modern Platform Bed series isn't a typical Guild project. It's an exploration into designing a project around a client's needs.  Of course, I'll show you how to build the bed too.

  • 17 lessons
  • 385 min
  • $79.00

Here's what we'll cover:

  1. Getting Ready!

    An introduction to the Dogon Platform Bed series.

  2. Design & Planning

    SketchUp helps bridge the communication gap between the builder and the client.

  3. Shopping List & Layout

    Making your life as easy as possible at the lumber yard by creating a Shopping List. Afterwards, we’ll head back to the shop and analyze our boards.

  4. Exploring the Rail Joint

    A live session yields some great suggestions for the joint where the rails meet the footboard and headboard.

  5. Designing in SketchUp

    Using SketchUp to design our bed from the ground up!

  6. Rough Cutting Strategy

    Developing a cut strategy is an integral part of every project!

  7. The Footboard

    The footboard is massive but requires a delicate touch to maintain grain continuity!

  8. Headboard Milling & Lower Assembly

    Milling long boards accurately and assembling the lower portion of our headboard.

  9. The Wenge Raised Panel

    The wenge panel is glued up from two separate boards, and then routed to create a beautiful raised profile.

  10. Headboard Top Assembly

    The top portion of the headboard comes together with the assembly of the frame and panel.

  11. Design Update

    The bed design reaches its final stages!

  12. Mortises & Headboard Assembly

    The mortises are a breeze using the Festool track as a guide and the two halves of the headboard come together nicely, after a few more gray hairs are added to that mop on my head.

  13. Bed Rails – Part 1

    The bed rails receive some chunky tenons and need to be drilled for the knock-down hardware.

  14. Bed Rails – Part 2

    These fairly complex rails finally take shape with addition of two support strips.

  15. Hardware

    Standard home store hardware is transformed into functional and beautiful additions to our bed.

  16. Mattress Support System

    One of the more critical parts of this project is the design of the mattress support system.

  17. The Finish

    The oil finish is applied to the bed as this large-scale project comes to a close.

The Modern Platform Bed series isn’t a typical Guild project. It’s an exploration into designing a project around a client’s needs. Unlike most of our builds, you will not receive a perfect finished plan and cut list though you will have access to my working SketchUp file. What makes this series unique is the fact that we focus a lot on design evolution and client restrictions. Of course, I’ll show you how to build the bed too.

This series of videos assumes you have at least some general woodworking knowledge. Additionally, unlike other Guild builds, anything in my tool arsenal is fair game. When working for a client, I believe in using whatever means necessary to produce high-quality work that will make the customer happy.

All videos and plans are digital and will be available to download upon purchase. Closed Captioning available.


Great project and lots of fun.

Mark does a great job explaining every aspect in this project. I’m a weekend warrior woodworker and he made this much easier than I thought it was going to be. The bed looks great in my bedroom and always get the where did you buy that question. Can’t wait to start the modern nightstand and chest of drawers.

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