Parsons-Style Extension Table

Johnny Brooke

Join new guest instructor Johnny Brooke (from Crafted Workshop) on a journey into mixed media. The image we show here is just an approximation of what the final product will look like.

  • 12 lessons
  • $60.00

Johnny Brooke from Crafted Workshop will showcase the process of building a Parsons-Style Extension Table, a classic dining table design built with a mixed-media construction. The base will be constructed from readily-available steel tubing. Johnny will give you an introduction to MIG welding, the process he’ll use to construct the base. The top will be made from reclaimed lumber and will feature an extension mechanism that will allow the top to expand 39” with the addition of two leaves, all without moving the base. This clean, modern design will look great in almost any decor and the style will remain fresh for years to come. If you’ve been considering getting into welding or metalworking, this project is a great way to go started!