Parsons-Style Extension Table

Johnny Brooke

This series showcases the building of a Parsons-Style Extension Table, a classic dining table design built with a mixed-media construction. The base will be constructed from readily-available steel tubing.  The top will be made from reclaimed lumber and will feature an extension mechanism. This clean, modern design will look great in almost any decor and the style will remain fresh for years to come.  The table measures 76"L x 36"W x 28 3/4"H, expandable to 112"L.

  • 12 lessons
  • 163 min
  • $49.00

Here's what we'll cover:

  1. Introduction

    In the first video in the Parsons-Style Extension Table project series, Johnny goes over the details of the project, including the materials he’ll be using on his table, the extension mechanism, and the design of the table.

  2. Sourcing & Working with Reclaimed Lumber

    Tips for find and working with reclaimed lumber.

  3. Rough Milling & Stock Prep

    Breaking down the rough boards into more manageable lengths and then milling them square.

  4. Building The Table Top & Leaf Panels

    Getting the boards final dimension, arranging the boards into panels, gluing them up, and cutting the main panels and leaf panels to final size, all while considering grain continuity.

  5. Welding 101

    Welding basics, including the required safety gear, different types of welding, how welding machines work, and other metalworking tools and equipment that go along with welding.

  6. Welding The Table Base

    Cutting the steel to length, beveling the ends, and welding all of the parts together into the table base.

  7. Metal Finishing & Finishing The Table Base

    Going over the different types of metal finishes, how to prep steel for finishing, and applying paint to the steel table base.

  8. Trimming Tops & Adding C-Channel

    Trimming the table top panels to their final size and getting c-channel strips added to the bottom of the panels to help resist future cupping.

  9. Installing The Extension Hardware

    The table top panels are finally getting mounted to the base, but first some HDPE strips need to be installed, as well as mounting the extension slides to the base!

  10. Finish Prep For The Table Top Panels

    Filling knots and nail holes with epoxy, sanding the surfaces, and chamfering the edges are all part of the final finish prep for these table top panels.

  11. Spraying Finish On The Table Top Panels

    Johnny breaks down his system for spraying finish that takes the guesswork out of achieving a smooth, durable finish.

  12. Delivery and Final Thoughts

    The extension table was delivered to Johnny’s parents and he goes over some final thoughts on the build to close out this Guild project!

What You’ll Receive:

  • Detailed cut list and plans including a PDF and a SketchUp file (Metric and Imperial).
  • Hours of detailed video instruction showing every step of the build.
  • All videos and plans are digital and will be available for download upon purchase. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Finding & Working with Reclaimed Lumber
  • Constructing A Table Top with Extension Leaf Panels
  • Welding Basics
  • Metal Finishing
  • Installing C-Channel To Keep Table Tops Flat
  • Adding Ball Bearing Extension Slides
  • Basics of HVLP Finishing

What You’ll Need:

Note: This is not a required list of tools. This is simply what I used during the build. Remember, there are always multiple ways to accomplish a task so if you don’t have one or more of these tools, you can very likely still make this project.

Woodworking Tools:

Metalworking Tools:




Loved the series. Lots of good information presented in an easy to digest way.

Daniel Kirkhart
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About Your Instructor:

Johnny started Crafted Workshop in May of 2016 and he’s built countless projects since then. He loves making things with his hands but, when he’s not in the shop, Johnny also loves craft beer, playing music, and hanging out with his wife. Johnny took Crafted Workshop full time in July of 2016 and hasn’t looked back since!