Shaker Table Reviews

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  1. Charles Johnstone (verified owner)

    The first Guild project that I built and only my 2nd piece of furniture! I came to woodworking at 55, so this is all a huge learning adventure. The project was fantastic…I learned wood selection, mortise and tenon, undercutting a top, general assembly…wow! So much goodness in one place. I messed up with undercutting the top…so badly that it became the top for a smaller shaker plant stand without a drawer. Of course, it needed a mate, so I did those based off a scaled down version of this plan before making another top for the table. So much learned…thank you for the fantastic courses and detailed instruction!

  2. n8oleary (verified owner)

    This is a great project for beginners or those looking to build their first piece of furniture. The instruction was great and I really enjoyed building my shaker table. Thanks Marc!

  3. murrd0ck (verified owner)

    The Shaker style has always fascinated me. It is a mixture of elegance and usefulness. Marc does a wonderful job of explaining each and every step, as well as showing a great way to build your own leg tapering jig in just a few minutes. The attention to detail that Marc provides is outstanding, all the way down to matching up the grain lines on the legs so the faces match. I would have never thought of that! Every video in this series gives you exactly what you need to build this table, and the explanation is enough to allow you to build with confidence. I would buy this project again without question!!!

  4. thetimbertalker

    Great learning experience. Marc really shows some great tips to help this build shine! I will use these techniques learned on many projects in the future.