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  1. Greg Batt (verified owner)

    First guild project, but won’t be my last. Instruction in videos are clear, plans are highly detailed (thanks for including metric), and materials list took away a lot of indecision.

    Also, using the bench for a few days it is very well designed. It fits the hybrid style of woodworking that Marc has described for years. Thanks again!

  2. JEREMY MCCLANAHAN (verified owner)

    This man has a unique ability with clear amd concise instruction that marries it with subtle humor that is 2nd to none. Excellent quality videos and more detail than is needed.

  3. William (verified owner)

    Great step by step instructions. The pans are also quite clear. I would have give 5 stars if it had a materials list that included vise recommendations and drill guide instead of having to go through the video to find everything. Just a suggestion you are still the man Marc.

  4. Marc Spagnuolo (verified owner)

    Thanks William. Just a bit of reasoning behind this….Guild projects are continuously updated as products come and go. If we put the materials list inside the PDF plan we’d have to change the version number and redistribute the file every time we revised a product recommendation, which isn’t realistic. So this is really the best we can do based on our desire to make sure everyone always has the most current information.