As you probably noticed, the Guild site looks different. We moved to a totally new platform and we’re still making improvements as we go.

Why the change?

You may have heard already that Nicole is pregnant with our second child. With the demands of family life getting ever stronger, it’s more important than ever that the Guild run through automated and efficient processes. So this new platform will allow me to continue providing high quality content and services while also meeting the needs of my real-life family and my Guild family.


  • New fully-functional shopping cart
  • Vastly improved project browsing
  • Better visibility of what projects you’ll receive in the future
  • Simplified product offerings featuring Bundles.
  • Projects assigned to your account immediately upon purchase
  • Easy Login/Logout on every page
  • Build your own bundles!

The Nitty Gritty

If you aren’t the type to worry about the details, stop reading here. This is the part of the post where many folks will start daydreaming about Norm dancing around his shop in a tutu. Maybe that’s just me but anyway, here are some additional details.

If you used to be a 1 Yr. Subscriber, the new Early Bird Bundles are essentially the same thing. They contain three projects (one current and two future) that you can buy once a year. The price will fluctuate slightly depending on the composition of the bundle but you’ll be getting a 50% discount. So it’s ALWAYS better to buy a bundle instead of buying projects individually.

If you buy projects individually, you can make your own bundle for a 25% discount by simply adding three projects to your cart.

If you used to be a Superfan Subcriber, your equivalent product is the Early Bird Bundle with WhisperCare. Superfans had additional support options like voice and video consultations and those are now available through a WhisperCare subscription. So whatever subscription time you had in the old system was simply copied over to a new WhisperCare subscription. Whenever that expires, you have the option to renew WhisperCare or simply buy it as part of an Early Bird bundle. Please note that WhisperCare subscriptions can be purchased by anyone, completely independent of projects.

What Happened to Subscriptions?

Before I explain exactly what happened, it’s important you understand how the subscriptions used to work. The real purpose of a subscription in the previous system was to make sure you received three projects over the course of a year. Your subscription time and expiration date was only there to let me know which projects you were entitled to. So when a new project was ready to begin, I’d look to see who had an active subscription and I’d grant them the project. The new system grossly simplifies things by removing the time-based elements and simply giving you the projects you purchased in the bundle, even if some of them take place in the future. So when you log in, you should now see future placeholders for projects you already own. We simply looked at your subscription expiration date and granted you all of the projects you were entitled to. It is now crystal clear which projects you own and when you can expect those projects to begin.

There are lots of improvements to come but for now we are going to settle into the new digs and see how it feels. If you still have questions, feel free to leave a comment on this post. I also plan to do a live Q&A about the site this week to help address concerns that anyone might have.

Special Note to Affiliates!

The old affiliate program is obsolete. In order to receive cash for your referrals, you need to click on Affiliate Area in the nav bar to re-register as an affiliate. Once you do that, use the new links and banners to promote the Guild as you did before.