Dining Chair Reviews

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  1. Chris Fehringer (verified owner)

    This was one of my first Guild Projects I purchased, and I am glad I did. Not only is it very well presented, and takes you step by step, but what I practically liked about this guild project was Marc walks you through his design process and how to determine certain aspects of a project. That knowledge alone is well worth the cost of this project because you can take that into other project ideas you may have. Plus, once you buy one project, your a guild member for life! That opens up a world of vast knowledge from other members. This includes monthly guild meetings, TWW Guild Facebook group, where you can bounce ideas and share creations with other members. Throw all that in with the project and that is some bang for your buck! Worth every penny! So find a project you like, and join the Guild!!!

  2. Kate (verified owner)

    This was by far the most challenging project build I’ve ever done, but I am so pleased with the finished results. Seeing how Marc actually sets about designing and drawing out the chair design really helps get an understating of the project and how the parts and joinery interact.
    The instructional videos are great, with clear and concise explanations of what is being done and why at each step. Its great to be able to download and take the videos into the workshop as a reference as you build.
    The templates are great, easy to print out and the curves on the chairs are really comfortable.
    All in all a great project the with detailed instructions and templates that make a really elegant piece achievable, even if like me you’ve never made a chair before.
    Thanks Marc, big thumbs up for this build.

  3. chrisbonzek (verified owner)

    After building a new dining table a year ago it was time for the chairs and along came Marc with a design that more than gained approval from my best half. The curves and angles make it very visibly appealing but with Marc’s excellent plans and instructions it’s still approachable for the hobbyist. The loose tenon joinery allowed me to increase the dimensions a bit with nary a headache. The versatile design easily adapts to a solid wood seat rather than the cushioned seat shown. Even though these were the first chairs I’ve built I now feel confident that I could design and build my own. Thanks Marc!