Ultimate Wall-Hanging Tool Cabinet Reviews

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  1. Michael Thering (verified owner)

    First completed guild project, however I’ve used bits and pieces from others in various builds. Matt’s instructions are clear, precise, and easy to follow. Highly recommend this project, you’ll learn lots and build something that is both practical and beautiful.

  2. mjbagg (verified owner)

    Second project, can’t wait! — much needed as all my planes are sitting under the roubo. Will one of the swing-out doors be large enough for a saw till? I’ll be happy to just get the planes up and out of the way…

  3. Ken.Wheelz (verified owner)

    Looking forward to this bulid It is also my first purchased guild bring on 2019 also i hope its in mm then it will save a lot of time not having to convert inches to mm

  4. MikeDemers (verified owner)

    Looking forward to this, definitely need the cabinet. It is also my first purchased guild and hope it’s as good as I expect lol.

  5. Christopher Allen (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to build it!!!